Comfort Gold - for Occasional Physical Discomfort in Dogs

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Comfort Gold - for Occasional Physical Discomfort in Dogs


Ease your dog’s physical discomfort with natural support!

  • Encourages healthy blood flow for nourishment and waste removal
  • Supports restful sleep for your pet
  • Helps keep your pet comfortable and content
  • Promotes gentle relaxation and overall wellbeing

Create a long, comfortable life for your dog by easing signs of discomfort with Comfort Gold!

  • 2 oz (59 ml) bottle is a 1-month supply for most dogs (up to 50 lbs)
  • 4 oz (118 ml) bottle is a 1-month supply for most large dogs
  • Manufactured in the USA with globally sourced ingredients
  • Five-Star Experience or it's FREE

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Indications of pain in your dog

Detecting discomfort in our canine companions can be difficult because, unlike humans, they can't communicate their pain and may even try to conceal it. It’s our responsibility to recognize subtle shifts in their behavior that may indicate signs of distress.

  • Appearance: Your dog might neglect grooming, leading to a disheveled appearance.
  • Behavioral changes: Look for reduced energy levels, reluctance to move, trembling, or circling. They may be protective of a specific body part, avoid being touched, or hide.
  • Physical abnormalities: Watch for limping, inability to bear weight on a limb, hunching, or a side preference when lying down.

What is Comfort Gold?

Discomfort may arise from numerous causes, including regular daily activity. Comfort Gold is an exclusive blend of five herbs that harmoniously support your canine’s comfort, enhancing their quality of life.

What is Comfort Gold used for?

Seeing your beloved pet in discomfort can be difficult. Normal movements may become challenging, which can impact energy and excitement toward daily activities. When your furry friend is expressing these signs, it’s comforting to know they can receive support from a reliable, natural supplement for dogs.

Comfort Gold promotes gentle relaxation and encourages greater holistic wellbeing while supporting healthy blood circulation. This effect nurtures normal blood flow, ensuring all body areas receive adequate nutrients and cellular waste is appropriately excreted. Quality sleep and rekindled vitality are not uncommon after introducing your pet to Comfort Gold.

Why choose Comfort Gold for your canine friend?

  • Organic, Sustainably Cultivated, and/or Wild-Harvested Herbs: Our formulas are prepared with premium botanicals, ensuring the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.
  • Full-Spectrum Extract: Our extracts retain the complete range of beneficial herbal compounds to provide maximum potency.
  • Third-Party Tested: Every herb and batch of our Comfort Gold is third-party tested to ensure purity and highest quality.
  • FDA-Registered, GMP-Certified Facility: Our manufacturing facility is FDA-registered and rigorously adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices. Strict quality control procedures are meticulously monitored.
  • FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine: Pet Wellbeing complies with the CVM's good guidance practices for animal health supplements.
  • 5-Star Experience or it’s FREE: In addition to the superior quality of our products, you’re covered by our Five-Star Experience or it’s FREE Guarantee.

Crafted with care by Pet Wellbeing

Founded in 2001, Pet Wellbeing created Comfort Gold to bring the wisdom and care of our animal-loving experts to your pet. Our dedicated team of holistic veterinarians combines traditional herbal knowledge with the latest scientific research to design the best products for your beloved companion and support them well into their golden years. When your pet thrives, you thrive too.

Administer Comfort Gold:

  • Under 30 lb: Give one drop per 2 lb (1 kg) of body weight
  • 30 - 34 lb: 0.75 ml
  • 35 - 44 lb: 1.0 ml
  • 45 - 64 lb: 1.25 ml
  • 65 - 79 lb: 1.5 ml
  • 80 - 99 lb: 1.75 ml
  • 100 - 119 lb: 2.0 ml
  • 120+ lb: 2.25 ml

Administer orally up to four times daily for the first 72 hours. After that, administer twice daily for the duration of the discomfort.

Shake well before use. Does not require refrigeration.


  • If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.
  • Do not use during pregnancy.
  • Do not use with blood thinners.
  • May change the absorption of pain-relievers and antibiotics.
  • An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

Comfort Gold is formulated with:

  • Corydalis tuber (Corydalis yanhusuo): Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this herb has been used extensively to promote a sense of wellbeing in relation to physical discomfort. It also supports good sleep and normal circulation. It will not cause side effects such as GI bleeding or addiction.  It is not damaging to the liver or kidneys. It is one of the best herbs known for powerful, direct action on the central nervous system.
  • Fresh Turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa): This golden herb, a native plant of South Asia, has been used in the health of almost every body system including joints, the digestive system and for the skin. It is also used to support the body's natural responses in circumstances that can lead to discomfort.
  • Blue Vervain herb (Verbena hastata): A gentle, restorative tonic herb for the nervous system and physical discomfort perceived through normal feedback responses. This herb supports calmness and positive moods.
  • Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinalis): Ginger is used for a multitude of purposes. Its particular action in this formula is for maintenance of physical responses that can affect muscle health and comfort. Ginger is included at optimal doses to harmonize this formula without being overly spicy to the palate.
  • Rosemary herb (Rosmarinus officinalis): A tonic herb for the entire nervous system, Rosemary provides antioxidant properties, calms muscle soreness and supports the body's innate immune response.

... 475 mg per ml

Inactive ingredients: Deionized water, natural bacon flavor, vegetable glycerin.